Learn, grow & network.

The FMCG monthly membership is a community for like-minded fashion designers who are looking to start or have already started their fashion businesses. 

The FMCG membership provides the best platform for fashion education, mentorship, events, accessible resources and contacts.


Sign up to attend our Fashion PR event and Finance event in April 2021.


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Collectively, we will read a book a month to further advance our fashion, business and mindset knowledge. We will get together once a month to explore our findings and the impact the literature has on our lives and businesses - plus, it's great accountability!



A private members hub hosted on Mighty Networks which will contain all the membership events, resources and private communications channel. 

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We will answer your pressing questions live every month on Zoom! This is a great opportunity to get the answers you usually cannot find anywhere. We will also open up the chat to have safe, candid conversations with you - the highs and the lows.


Access to tonnes of exclusive resources released monthly from guides, ebooks, mini workshops, and worksheets. Useful resources to help you take actionable steps with your fashion business! This includes past workshops and masterclasses.



Every month, following our 2021 curriculum below, we will have at least one masterclass session going into detail about the topic. You will learn why and how it's important for your fashion brand, and how you can implement techniques to create a successful label.



Every month you have the chance of winning amazing goodies to help move the needle forward in your business. The FMCG is committed to investing in your growth so you can reach unseen-before heights in the fashion industry.



April's book for bookclub

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About The FMCG

The Fashion Management Consulting Group (FMCG) is an organisation which is focused on supporting fashion entrepreneurs and professionals globally through our 3 C's Framework (Coaching, Courses and Consulting). Our aim is to help individuals execute projects at a high standard through accessible support and information.

FMCG was founded by Frederica Brooksworth and Rebecca Tembo after numerous conversations regarding the struggles to make it in the industry and to build profitable businesses. The duo decided to bring their expertise' together so support the international fashion community through timely and relevant education and support.


Frederica Brooksworth

Frederica Brooksworth is an International Fashion Academic, Researcher. She is a lecturer at the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London), Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design and Hult International Business School. She has experience working at over 20 higher education institutions in the past 10 years, teaching the following subject focuses: Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Retail, Personal Branding and Research Methods. Alongside academia she is an Edupreneur and Human Capital Development Consultant. She is the Founder of Fashion Scholar a Knowledge Hub providing educational content for lifelong learners in the fashion industry. Frederica is the author of the forthcoming book 'Fashion Marketing In Emerging Economies' due to be published in Spring 2021 by Palgrave Macmillan, in addition to this, she is also Doctoral Candidate currently undertaking her EdD (Doctorate in Education) with a research focus on Educational Technology, Rewriting The Fashion Curriculum, Closing The Knowledge and Skills Gap and Economic Growth through Education.

Rebecca Tembo

Rebecca Tembo is the founder of a self-titled womenswear jumpsuit brand and The Entry Platform - a growing community for aspiring and start-up designers. Building a growing brand over the past 5 years, and working in production within the luxury fashion industry, Rebecca has built an extensive array of knowledge and connections. She is also an author (Stumbling into Personal Branding: Lessons from 2020) and product creator (The Entry Productivity Planner) giving her a unique and first-hand take on marketing, customer experience, product development, and the art of personal branding. The Entry’s mission is to equip you with the tools to grow a successful and profitable brand through design, mindset and entrepreneurial-based content, education, events, and courses. Rebecca is also the host of the Designer2Designer podcast, interviewing fashion designers around the world. Rebecca studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Retail Academy in London.



Your questions answered!

How much will it cost to have access to the membership?

It’s £30 (GBP) a month. You will be charged monthly on the date that you signed up for the membership.

What will I get in this membership?

Every month you will get:

  • Monthly masterclasses

  • Monthly Q&A’s to ask all your questions

  • The forum to communicate anytime with your fashion peers

  • Monthly book club (optional)

PLUS exclusive resources and access to past workshops/masterclasses:

  • Clothing Manufacturing 101 Workshop

  • The Entry October Masterclass

  • The Entry December Masterclass 

  • Fashion Marketing Workshop

I’m already on the FMCG Group Coaching programme, should I sign up for this too?

Not yet! The group coaching programme is for 6 months and it’s a lot more intense. However, once the programme is finished, we recommend signing up so you can have continuous professional development.

I haven’t started my brand yet, will this still be useful for me?

Absolutely! Whilst there’ll be a lot of exclusive educational content, the best part is the lessons you’ll learn from all the other people who will be a part of this community. 

I want to cancel my membership, is that possible?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time but there are no refunds. Your membership will end at the end of the month’s period.

I still have more questions, how can I contact you?

We're here to answer your questions. Pop us an email at


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